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Your Life. Your World. Cyworld.

Cyworld is a whole new way to connect with the people in your world. Here you'll find friends you know, new people to meet, clubs to join and special spaces for your photos, artwork, journals and more. In Cyworld, you can meet up, hang out, play, dream and share your world like never before.

Build your Minihome - Your personal space in Cyworld.

Write your profile. Keep up with your friends. Upload your photos, drawings and images - we give you unlimited storage so you can save and display as many as you want.

Design your Miniroom

A place to tell stories and bring your dreams to life. Travel to exotic lands, talk about last weekend's party or cozy up with a cutie - the only limit is your imagination.

Create your Minime - your avatar in Cyworld.

Your Minime represents all aspects of you ... the "you" inside of you, the "you" you want to be. Or just the "you" you feel like sharing today. Have fun styling your Minime. You can change its hair, clothing, facial expression, mood, position and background as often as you like.

Connect with friends

Go out and visit friends, exchange gifts, post messages, create neighborhoods, join a club or even start a club. Millions of people around the globe have already moved into Cyworld. We'll think you'll like it here, too. Let us help you get started!

Company Info

Cyworld has been building our online world since 1999. We currently have members in the United States, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We'll be bringing our world to Europe, South America and India soon.

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